Hello Forum,

We are using FusionPro 3.2 Desktop. I have a problem with Imposer: We're
trying to impose 12 single letter-size pages into a 2up (11x17 no bleeds)
saddlestitch document. Unsatisfactory result is that I always end up with
the "Back" side pages on the front. The pages are numbered correctly for a
12 page document though (12 and 1, 2 and 11, etc.) but they are not in the
correct sequence. So the document starts out with pages 2 and 11, not 12 and
1 like it should. I've tried rotation of 180 degrees but no changes other
than it gets turned 180 degrees. I know this is confusing without seeing it.
Any suggestions? Once we get this figured out we need to find a way to get this 
including the saddlestitch/finishing information over to our M3 rip and
Canon IR8070 b/w printer, using PPML.  - PDF is just taking us way too long.
We produce this job every two weeks and we have to find a faster way!

Mark Troy
Dairyland Printing

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