Hi, Shawn

Just to follow-up to Alex's message, Acrobat 8 is supported with the
FusionPro 4.2 release on the Windows operating systems that we support
(2000, XP, 2003, and Vista).

FusionPro 4.2 can be downloaded from here:



InDesign CS3 on both Mac/Win platforms as well as Acro 8 on Mac will be
supported in a follow-up release later this year.  

The reason for the delay in supporting the Mac versions is due to the
new software requirements that all Mac software developers need to
follow in order to run on the newer Intel-Mac systems.  To support these
new systems, many Mac developers have been forced to rewrite parts of
their programs as the former Mac-compatible programs no longer function
correctly on the newest Macs.  

Rest assured that while this is a large project, we are actively working
on it and will release support in a new release of FusionPro.

--Mark Hilger
  Product Manager
  Printable Technologies, Inc.

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