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On the morning of September 11th, 2001, Dick Cheney was running several war
games in the north eastern portion of the United States. These drills
included many hijacking scenarios, where commercial jets were hijacked and
flown into buildings. At the same time Cheney had arranged for a drill
involving a bio attack on NY. This resulted in FEMA setting up a command
post on pier 29 in New York on September 10th.

Some of these drill were scheduled for later in the year but Dick Cheney
rescheduled them and made sure that they all took place on the same day.
This was unprecedented.

The war games involved live fly exercises, and electronic drills where fake
blips were placed on radar screens. Cheney was in charge of a
communications system that superseded those of the FAA, NORAD and NEADS.
Some of the drills possibly included remote control planes.

Dick Cheney is member of the Project for a New American Century. This is an
organization of political ideologues (neocons) who wrote detailed plans
than included invading Afghanistan, Iraq & the middle east. Their goal is
ensure America is the only super power in the world. You can research their
work for it is public information. Members of PNAC include Donald Rumsfeld
and more than ten members of the Bush foreign & defense policy teams. In
their documentation they openly state that the public and Congress would
not accept their agenda and that the transition would be a slow one "absent
a catalyzing and catastrophic event like a New Pearl Harbor!"

Cheney was in a position to have the air defense agencies stand down.

>From from September 2000 to June 2001, 67 planes steered off course. All 67
times our air defense systems worked as they should, and interceptors were
launched. You may remember this happening when Payne Stewart and his crew
died in flight. On September 11th, 2001, when Dick Cheney was running his
war games, 4 jet airliners were supposedly hijacked, and all our systems
that have worked flawlessly 67 times that year, failed. Coincidence?

While these facts seem to incriminate Cheney, all you can do within reason
is ask these questions:

      Was Cheney in a position to have the defense systems stand down?
      Did Cheney, a member of PNAC, a group who expressed the fact that
their agenda would be better accepted if we had a "new Pearl Harbor", have
a motive? Did he benefit from the events?
      Could the events have been an accident? Could the drills have gone bad?
      Why did the 9/11 Commission Report omit the information about the
drills, making only 1 mention of them in a single footnote. The report only
mentioned 1 drill, and falsely described it as a drill to defend against
Russian Bombers. In the age of ICBMs, are we to believe that we have to
practice defending the nation against Russian bombers in the north eastern
portion of the US?
      Why have the news media neglected to inform the public of Cheney's
actions that day?
      Why did Bush and Cheney insist on being questioned by the commission
together, without being taped, without taking an oath and with no records
      If you did not know this information, you have to ask yourself why it
is not common knowledge? You also have to ask what else don't you know?
      In the years following the event, have you ever heard from the people
who you were told committed these acts? Or, have you only been told why
this happened by the people who want you to believe their story.

Use your common sense. Do you think the global intelligence powers failed
this badly? Do you think men who could barely pilot a 2 seat plane can
navigate across several states and find their target? Are you that
gullible? Have some self respect, and think before you believe what you are

NORAD Stand-Down on 9/11: Not Just Simple Incompetence

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9/11 conspiracy "theory" or is it reasonable suspicion based on evidence?

      Is it Really Crazy to Think That the Bush Administration are Involved
in the Events of 9/11? Not If You Understood Their Beliefs & Agenda! It is
About Time You Learned About The Bush Administration! - You have seen
massive amounts of evidence debunking the official conspiracy theory of
9/11. You have seen tons of proof that the official story is a mountain of
outright lies. However you still can not believe that your beloved
president or his administration would do anything that bad to Americans.
Well meet the neocons! Understand their philosophy and you will understand
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      9/11 - ALLTHE PROOF YOU NEED! - A 9/11 CHECKMATE - Some things are so
disturbing that they are almost impossible to believe. That is why, in the
9/11 enigma, less is more.  - Until these questions are answered there is
no need to establish more doubt. What we have here is solid undisputed
evidence that we were never told the truth.
      9/11, Iraq & PNAC - The Connection is Clear & Undeniable - THE COMMON

EXPERT: Source:

 Simplifying the case against Dick Cheney

There are 3 major points made within this book that are crucial to proving
Cheney's guilt. I shall first list them and then go on to prove each point
as laid out in Crossing the Rubicon.

1. Means - Dick Cheney and the Secret Service: Dick Cheney was running a
completely separate chain of Command & Control via the Secret Service,
assuring the paralysis of Air Force response on 9/11. The Secret Service
has the technology to see the same radar screens the FAA sees in real time.
They also have the legal authority and technological capability to take
supreme command in cases of national emergency. Dick Cheney was the acting
Commander in Chief on 9/11. (Click here for a summary of these points)

2. Motive - Peak Oil: At some point between 2000 and 2007, world oil
production reaches its peak; from that point on, every barrel of oil is
going to be harder to find, more expensive to recover, and more valuable to
those who recover and control it. Dick Cheney was well aware of the coming
Peak Oil crisis at least as early as 1999, and 9/11 provided the pretext
for the series of energy wars that Cheney stated, "will not end in our
lifetime." (Click here for a summary of these points)

3. Opportunity - 9/11 War Games: The Air Force was running multiple war
games on the morning of 9/11 simulating hijackings over the continental
United States that included (at least) one "live-fly" exercise as well as
simulations that placed "false blips" on FAA radar screens. These war games
eerily mirrored the real events of 9/11 to the point of the Air Force
running drills involving hijacked aircraft as the 9/11 plot actually
unfolded. The war games & terror drills played a critical role in ensuring
no Air Force fighter jocks - who had trained their entire lives for this
moment - would be able to prevent the attacks from succeeding. These
exercises were under Dick Cheney's management. (Click here for a summary of
these points)

Full article - click here.

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