While the enthusiasm to remove outdated stuff (strokes, Xinerama,
colourmaps, old parser etc.) is an important step towards a
maintainable and nice future fvwm3, there are certainly some old
systems still running that use some obscure features.

In order to not alienate long time users from fvwm we may need to
make a clean cut at some time:

 * Up to version X, the old feature set and syntax is supported
   "forever".  There won't be any new features anymore, but if
   need be, we'll look into fixes like to new library versions and
   such, so that the old version will continue to run on old boxes.
   Patches fixing such problems are welcome, and once in a while a
   new maintenance release is made.

 * From version X+1 onwards, no guarantees are made about
   continued support of obscure features, until there's an
   official fvwm-3.0.

Is that doable?  WIth X == 2.6.7?  (Of course this is all depends
on people actually doing that work.)


Dominik ^_^  ^_^


Dominik Vogt

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