Thomas Adam <> writes:

> Hi,
> Now that the copyright issue has been sorted out, and we're largely able to
> resume things, I can't remember what we said about what the next steps were
> with fvwm.
> I know we had some conversations around the state of fvwm2, with this odd
> split between my deprecating a bunch of modules, and fvwm2-stable being a
> branch which undoes this, but I recall we've drawn a line under this now.  Or
> rather, I will no longer personally be touching fvwm2 in any guise.  AFAIAC,
> I'm done with that.
> So it begs the question what to do next and how to approach doing that work.
> There's a list of ideas I'd started either to write or collate from elsewhere,
> and I know that Dominik has been kind enough to comment on some of those:
> There's some really good ideas there -- and there's the core of fvwm which
> will really lend itself well to trying to improve and modernise things.  I'm
> keen on that point -- with a 20+ year old project, it's always good to take
> the opportunity to weed/prune/modernise what's there when the opportunity
> presents itself.  It's something I tried to do in part with fvwm2, and failed.
> Thoughts welcome.

It would be nice to see Fvwm actually work with RandR.
Working would be sensing the change and moving windows into the new
screen dimensions.  Every once and a while I get the urge to try my
1600x1200 panel as 1200x1600.

Dan Espen

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