Every user is encouraged to update to 3.6.2:

Version 3.6.2

Fvwm Crystal 3.6.2 is out!

This is a bug fix release:

- Fix the Show Custom Button Bar at top preferences
  to work on the same border with the mouse.
- Fix outdated conditions syntax in Window-List,
  this remove the warning at start.

See You in the streets!
Dominique Michel

Version 3.6.1

Fvwm Crystal 3.6.1 is out!

This is a bug fix release:

- Fix media players styles after start and restart.
- Use new exec name in the xmms2 audio player control.
- Fullscreen function: fix nasty loops with the Schedule/Deschedule
  of the stay in fullscreen browser workaround.

and a few minor fixes. See the ChangeLog file.

Have fun!
Dominique Michel

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