Hi all,

I'm planning on piecing together a richer timeline of how Fvwm started.  It
feels like a good time to do this now.  I know there's existing Fvwm history
page which is a really good start [1], but I was wondering if I could take
that a stage further to back it up with Fvwm releases.

I originally sent a variant of this email to Jason Tibbs, but he's possibly
busy and hasn't had time to reply yet, so I figured I'd try a wider audience.
Hopefully some of the old-time lurkers on these lists are reading this and can
pop their head above the FvwmParapet one last time?  :)  Here's to hoping!

Back in the day, Fvwm used to use ftp.hpc.uh.edu/pub/fvwm as an upload area
for fvwm releases, both what we'd now call RCs as well as official releases.
That FTP site along with its mirrors have long since ceased to be.  Even the
Wayback Machine (archive.org) is absent of these.

Back when Charles (Chuck) Hines was maintainer of Fvwm, he was uploading 2.0.x
patchlevel tarballs to ftp.hpc.uh.edu/pub/fvwm (as is referenced on the old
mailing list archives), which is where I'm hoping to be able to start
collecting changes from.  So if anyone has a mirror of ftp.hpc.uh.edu/pub/fvwm
around, do please let me know -- even if it's just a collection of old files.

What I'm planning on doing is trying to get these code releases into a git
repo, so I can better chart the progress of the changes to Fvwm over time.

So far, my collections of code tarballs is sketchy.  I have:

    * fvwm-0.91b
    * fvwm-1.21m
    * fvwm-1.22f
    * fvwm-1.23b
    * fvwm-1.24r
    * fvwm-2.0.40
    * fvwm-2.0.41
    * fvwm-2.0.43

It's likely the intermediary 2.0.X releases (including the different
patchlevels that were worked on) exist somewhere.  Those are the more
interesting to me.

The fvwm2 git repo goes back as far as version 2.1, so we're OK from that
point onward.

So, dust off your spinning rust disks, your DATs, and carrier pidgeons, and
let me know if there's anything out there worthy of salvaging.

Cheers everyone,

[1] https://www.fvwm.org/Wiki/FvwmHistory/

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