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Thomas Adam <tho...@fvwm.org> [2020-09-02 18:05:31 +0100]:
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> So, dust off your spinning rust disks, your DATs, and carrier pidgeons, and
> let me know if there's anything out there worthy of salvaging.
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Ok, a brief pith-helmet safari into the local Dead Sea Scrolls here yielded
some stuff that may help fill in some of the holes in your list.

The attached tiny tarball is a list of every fvwm-related file found by
matching *fvwm*, case-insenstive, on every CD that had anything fvwm-related.
Some date back to 1995-ish and (I think) prior, but wasn't sure exactly what
would be of interest, so just compiled the list.

The top level is a set of directories naming each of each comprising CDs.
In each dir is a single file named FVWM_FILES, which lists the *fvwm* files
and the parent directory structure above each one, in case that may be of
historical interest too.

Let me know which (if any) files you'd like, I'll tar them up and dump them
on a public file site somewhere. (Or, if there's wider historical interest
than just the FVWM stuff, I can dump the full CDrom images.)



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