Recently I've compiled and installed fvwm 2.5.21 and now I'm
learning how to use and configure it properly.  One of the resources
I'm relying on, besides the great documentation I have found on the
web, is the online manual page of fvwm(1).

While I was reading the manpage, though, I noticed what I judge to
be a minor mistake.  Under the INITIALIZATION section it reads:

"If you want to start some applications or modules with fvwm, you
can simply put

    Exec app


    Module FvwmXxx

into your config, but it is not recommended; do this only if you
know what you are doing. It is usually critical to start
applications or modules *after* the entire config is read, because
it contains styles or module configurations which can affect window
appearance and functionality.

The standard way to start applications or modules on fvwm's start up
is to add them to an initialization function (usually StartFunction
or InitFunction). This way they are only started *after* fvwm
finishes to read and execute config file. "

Shouldn't that first "after" be replaced by "before"?  These two
paragraphs seems to be opposing each other.  The first says that it
is critical (i.e., dangerous, error prone) to start apps or modules
after the config file is entirely read and processed.  The second,
on the other hand, states that apps and modules which must be
launched on start up should be placed within an initialization
function, so they would only be started after the config file was
read and executed.  The latter assertion seems to go against the former.


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