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> Shouldn't that first "after" be replaced by "before"?  These two
> paragraphs seems to be opposing each other.  The first says that it
> is critical (i.e., dangerous, error prone) to start apps or modules
> after the config file is entirely read and processed.  The second,
> on the other hand, states that apps and modules which must be
> launched on start up should be placed within an initialization
> function, so they would only be started after the config file was
> read and executed.  The latter assertion seems to go against the former.

Probably.  The whole point of that is in the way FVWM processes the
file it's reading.  It does this:

1.  Executes the entire file line-by-line.
2.  If it comes across function definitions such as
{Init,Start}Function, it executes those *AFTER* the entire file has
been processed.

So in that sense, what it's trying to convey is if you had this in your config:

Module FvwmButtons A
DestroyModuleConfig FvwmButtons A:*
*A: Columns 1
*A: Rows 20
*A: (1x1)

That there is every chance FvwmButtons might not start because of the
order you have specified things in.  Inverting that on its head:

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmButtons A:*
*A: Columns 1
*A: Rows 20
*A: (1x1)
Module FvwmButtons A

Makes all the more sense.  Although generally speaking you would leave
the module definitions in the file as-is, but move the module
invocation call into the function:

AddToFunc StartFunction I Module FvwmButtons A

This explains why you can have multiple:

AddToFunc StartFunction I Bar

lines in your config and have them all appear to run at the same time,
because StartFunction is read after the entire file has been


Thomas Adam

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