On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 07:49:24PM +0200, Axel Rohde wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> on a SuSe system at work I found a system.fvwm2rc apparently authored by
> you. I appended those parts of my config that reproduce the issue on
> my PC at the end of the file.

So the CPU usage here is because we lock and wait, whilst the button is held
down, having grabbed the server, because whilst the curosr is down, the
cursor is changed, whilst we do nothing, because the resultant operation is
a no-op -- we're just waiting for WaitForButtonsUp() to complete all the

So after *all* of that, and leading me all around the houses, all you needed
to have said originally was:

"FixedSize/FixedPosition windows cause CPU to increase when a function is
run on such windows.  Here's the Styles and function I'm using."

Nevermind though.  :)

Nothing I want to do about this -- and nothing I can do about this, because
the pointer is grabbed throughout the lifetime of the function being run.

-- Thomas Adam

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