Stephen Dennison <> writes:

> While changing  stuff I noticed  that sometimes an fvwmref  element is
> used around reserved  words and other times it's not.  What's the rule
> for when to use an fvwmref and  when not? Also, should these files use
> no more than 79  columns per line? I saw a note  about that for source
> code in CONVENTIONS after making my edits.

Consistency is great.
I believe the fvwmref elements are there to generate links in the
html version.  Providing there's a target for the link, there should
be an fvwmref.

I think the 79 columns rule is there so we don't see wrap around while
editing.  So short lines are preferable.

> While  looking for  instructions on  how to  contribute, I  noticed an
> issue       with      the       web       site.      However       the
> is  generated, under the  answer in
> section 5.2 there is a link  to dev_cvs.php that includes the trailing
> period of the sentence and makes it a broken link.
> Also under 5.2, there are references to doc/DEVELOPERS and
> doc/CONVENTIONS but 
> it appears that these files actually exist under docs.
> The instructions in  the CONVENTIONS file appear to be  out of date or
> maybe  just incomplete,  it refers  to fvwm/  for details  on
> formatting but this file doesn't appear to exist anymore.

Will look myself or you could submit a patch.
The cvs package is "fvwm-web".

Dan Espen

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