>>>>> "TA" == Thomas Adam <tho...@fvwm.org> writes:

TA> I appreciate I've swooped in here, and just done this, but the
TA> discussion[0] happened once before, and given the recent
TA> circumstances with the borked CVS repository, it seemed unfair to
TA> leave an impending release hanging.

Just for the record, I've been on vacation for a bit but I'm really
happy that this has happened because I've been wanting to shut down the
CVS server for a very long time.  CVS is really fragile

I can continue to provide mailing lists in case people still find them
useful.  I can also try to come up with some way to deal with the web
site, probably by just doing a git pull every few minutes, if people
want that.

Finally, if you end up not liking github for some reason, I am willing
to try running a Pagure instance.  Pagure is sort of like github, but
you run it on your own infrastructure.  https://pagure.io

 - J<

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