Jason L Tibbitts III <ti...@math.uh.edu> writes:

>>>>>> "JS" == Jaimos Skriletz <jaimosskril...@boisestate.edu> writes:
> JS> who controls the domain name fvwm.org,
> A whois query shows that it's me.

Not sure why, maybe I paid, but paid for you?

  From: Gandi <support-re...@gandi.net>
  Subject: [GANDI] fvwm.org domain name renewed
  To: des...@verizon.net
  Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 16:58:29 +0200 (2 years, 34 weeks, 4 days ago)

  Dear Customer,

  We are pleased to confirm that you have successfully renewed the following 
domain that is registered at Gandi:


  This domain has been renewed for 3 year(s), and the new the new expiration 
date is therefore 2017-12-29 05:00:00

  As a reminder for your records, the handle that you used to renew this domain 

Dan Espen

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