Thomas Adam <> writes:

> On 23 March 2016 at 22:21, Dan Espen <> wrote:
>> I think we're embarking on a lot of work.
> Which aspect, specifically?  Note that if you're referring just to the
> website, then you might be right---I don't know enough about HTML/CSS
> to make that call.  However, it requires someone with enough
> understanding to put in place something static which can be hosted on:
> Note that this repository as-named, assumes hosting under,
> which as I understand it makes thing a lot easier.  Certainly,
> removing PHP at this point is definitely a good idea, as we're not
> gaining anything from its use any more that CSS can't provide.  I
> consider this a good thing.

Yep, I'm referring to the web pages.
I have some CSS based pages at work using themes.
The themes aren't really important to me, but since
I doubt GIT is going to give us PHP I think we'll be better off without
the PHP.

>> As a start I've updated the download instructions to send users to GIT.
> OK.
>> I know you have the web stuff on GIT but if I make changes there they
>> won't get to
> That's OK -- because we can leave what's hosted on
> as-is---and start to do something proper with --
> that's your play area.  Go forth and have a blast.  Note that I'm
> envisaging something which is self-hosting.  That is to say, something
> we can redirect to from -- I see that as a positive thing
> indeed.

We own the domain name, I'm not clear on the details but I think once
we move the pages we can just make be the git pages.

>> Jason, let us know if/when you start pulling the web pages from GIT.
> See previous paragraph, I do not think this is the right approach at all.

I don't see the difference.
Right now Jason pulls from CVS to build the pages at
He said he's willing to pull from Git instead.
So, the fvwm-web can be in CVS or GIT, it doesn't matter,
we just need Jason to decide where he wants to pull from.

>> I'm pretty good with HTML/CSS.  PHP gives us some nice stuff, but I
>> guess we can live without it.
> Excellent.  Then set yourself up with a Github account, and let me
> know your username, and I'll add you to the fvwmorg and you can do
> something with the website repository.

Okay, will get to that sometime.

> Note that I'm getting married this weekend and will then be away on
> honey moon for two weeks.

That's just great.
I was married in 1964.
I'm retiring as of March 31.

Dan Espen

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