Hi Jaimos,

until your last commit I took a look over the new static pages on fvwm.org
and want to tell you what I've noticed:

Cool feature with the window buttons (maximize, shade/unshade) and the
logo behind B) :)

But the small logo (left upper corner) overlaps the main menu 'FVWM' :(
Used browser: Chromium 48.0.2564.116

It's a pitty that you've removed the upper frame/part/block with the
heading. Or is it disappear and should normally available? That would
explain the logo on the 'FVWM' menu point o_O

Another point which looks a little bit weird are the framed words in e.g.
manpages or the Mailing Lists page. Probably these text pieces were
Monospace before conversion? Is it possible to remove the frame?

Then the text blocks right of the screenshots. It would look be better
if there's a distance to the upper line. Likewise the same gap as between
screenshot and line.

What about the perlib pages and the ... uhm ... 'unstable' documentation
pages (http://fvwm.org/doc/unstable/index.html)? Will they appear again
in the future?

And in the end one typo:
- Downloads: 'The latest sable release' ;)

A very big thanks for your good work and I hope I haven't hurt you with
these advices 0_0 ...


Btw I have some website links for our 'Links' page:

In the beginning was ...

Other FVWM-related sites
How Styles are Applied

Fvwm and Session Management
(perhaps a little bit outdated but anyway interesting)

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