On Fri, Apr 08, 2016 at 09:44:48PM +0200, Thomas Funk wrote:
> What about the perlib pages and the ... uhm ... 'unstable' documentation
> pages (http://fvwm.org/doc/unstable/index.html)? Will they appear again
> in the future?

perllib maybe (althought woefully out of date, and it's on my TODO list to
look at).  As for unstable man pages, no.  There's no such thing any more, and
hasn't been for a long time now.

> Btw I have some website links for our 'Links' page:
> History
> -------
> In the beginning was ...
> http://edulinux.homeunix.org/fvwm/user_enumerate.html

Really?  That shouldn't resolve at all.  You mean:


> Other FVWM-related sites
> ------------------------
> How Styles are Applied
> http://linuxgazette.net/127/adam.html
> Fvwm and Session Management
> http://linuxgazette.net/100/adam.html
> (perhaps a little bit outdated but anyway interesting)

It'll still work with xsm(1).

-- Thomas Adam

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