On 04/08/2016 10:47 PM, Jaimos Skriletz wrote:
On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 1:44 PM, Thomas Funk <t.f...@web.de 
​The "logo" is now the menu entry, so instead of just saying "FVWM" I
put the logo in its place. The logo except for looks works just as
any other entry in the menu. So what you see is expected.​

Hmmm ... it isn't clearly enough that a menu is behind the logo. In
general the logo is the way back to the home page.

It's a pitty that you've removed the upper frame/part/block with the
heading. Or is it disappear and should normally available? That would
explain the logo on the 'FVWM' menu point o_O

​The new design was to instead of just have the header wrapped in a
window frame is to have the whole site be wrapped in a window frame.
So I took away the top window and wrapped every page in a full window
frame. The title is now in the titlebar of the window frame.

I could add another header above it, but I though it was mostly used
space on the page that isn't needed. All the header did was repeat
the title of the page another place in bigger letters. But I could
easily add it back and then have two windows, a title window and a
main content window.

Why adding the top page in the window, too? Above of the menu part.
But a little bit smaller (~90%) in the height. Also the logo.

The title is very nice. I would use 'The Offical FVWM Home Page' the
whole time if the top page added again ;)

Another point which looks a little bit weird are the framed words in e.g.
manpages or the Mailing Lists page. Probably these text pieces were
Monospace before conversion? Is it possible to remove the frame?

​The sites are generated by markdown which generates in-line code and
code blocks. I have been thinking about the formatting of these, but
I like them being seperate from noral text. The code blocks should be
used for things people would type into a config file, terminal, etc.

I do think some styles on these code blocks need to be updated (and
maybe some work/policy about what should be put in code blocks and
what shouldn't be). The FAQ has been updated and makes better use of
them, but I have only applied that to the FAQ page. In my TODO list
is to try to make use of code blocks more uniform.

I don't mean the code blocks. For example Mailing Lists page 'subscribe'
or '*-request'.

I'm open for suggestions to make it look nicer (I like the borders
myself). Other common examples are using a slightly different color
background or some other method to highlight code blocks vs descriptions.

I like the colors. This is FVWM everybody knows ^^

And in the end one typo:
- Downloads: 'The latest sable release' ;)

​Thanks, I like easy fixes.

You're welcome ^^

I'll add them, My only concern is ensure they are useful so we don't
put to much noise in trying to direct users to useful sties to help
them with fvwm.

Thanks :)

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