Hi all,

I've done some work to try and improve how releases of FVWM happen.  Now that
we're using git, it makes sense to me that building FVWM should use the
information stored in git to detect the release information.

This also has the benfit that we can also see where in git versions of FVWM
might have come from (when talking about debug builds, etc.)

So from now on the release versions are taken from the tagged status of git.
Tag names will be in the form 'x.y.z' so that will be '2.6.7' from the next
point on.   The older naming of 'version_x_y_z' is completely deprecated.

The one potential downside to this is that non-released versions will struggle
with the internal version check, that is:

    Test (Version >= 2.6.5) Echo foo

Since the version will not be in that form (deliberately).  I consider this a
feature and this won't be something I'm going to worry about, since such
builds from git in this way are in-development anyway.

You can view the work I've done here:


I'll let this sit around for a bit.  If no one has any comments/objections,
I'll merge it soon enough.

Thomas Adam

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