On Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 05:13:47PM +0100, Dominik Vogt wrote:
> 2) The Makefile.am now uses the standard "man1_MANS" file type to
> describe the generated files.  That should make local installation
> rules unnecessary.  Not sure whether it also handles the
> "transform" stuff or not.  For now I've removed it.

We'll need to support the transform stuff, as I know some packagers use it.

> 3) There's a new, experimental page "fvwm3commands.adoc" which
> has a header and then just includes the file
> fvwm3_commands.section.  This file is generated from fvwm3.adoc by
> extracting all text between the two comments
>   // BEGIN 'commands'
>   ...
>   // END 'commands'

I think this is a good approach.  Something in the back of mind tells me this
is something which asciidoc(tor) supports, although it's a moot point as this
is lightweight enough that it's not going to introduce any overhead.

> Sections to extract are listed in the variable "EXTRACT_SECIONS".
> For now, all man pages simply depend on all section files.  To
> build real dependencies we'd have to extract the include
> directives from the .adoc files, but this seems to be overkill.

git.git do something like this for their built documentation (also written in
asciidoc).  But I suspect we won't need this -- it's probably going to be more
relevant if we ever do something about the *content* -- which is a different
issue entirely to just sorting out the structure.

> 4) Also removed the "QUIET_ASCIIDOC" thing because it seems to be
> pointless to suppress single-line rules in the output.  (Don't
> care much about it, though.)

Hmm.  I'm sure I added that because of some weird CI/CD interactions I was
seeing with Github Actions, but I think that's now solved.

> 5) fvwm3.1 still contains everything.  I'd like to rename that to
>    fvwm3all.1 and then find a way to create fvwm3.1 without the
>    sections that have their own page, containing placeholders that
>    point to the other pages.

Agreed.  I'm sure there's an asciidoc(tor)-specific way of being able to do

> Seems to do what is intended; "make install" and "make uninstall"
> work fine, but I haven't tried to build and test a distro from
> that.

Worked well for me.

This work is now being tracked here:


Via the `ta/dv-manpage-sections` branch.


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