On Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 08:53:48PM +0000, Thomas Adam wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 09:00:43PM +0100, Dominik Vogt wrote:
> > Now, about the contents of the new man pages:  Splitting has not
> > bought us that much yet.  75% of the contents are now in the
> > commands man page.  It's difficult to remove more things from that
> > because the command list also contains general topics like menus,
> > session management and coloursets.  Moving these parts to
> > different pages would also remove them from the command list.  The
> > original man page just has a bad structure.
> I suppose another way of looking at it might be to trying to convey things in
> terms of functional areas, almost looking at things that a user might want as
> they're configuring fvwm.

Yes.  An obvious candidate is a separate page for the menu related
configuration and commands.  That's about 1300 lines of 9500 - a
good sized chunk.  Menus have little in common with the rest of
the core.

>Right now, we're trying to lump together a lot of
> similar things.  We could go further and have something like:
> * An overview section explaining the anatomy/role of the window manager,
>   explaining things such as:
>   - Windows (decorations, anatomy, etc.)
>   - Menus
>   - Core functionality

>   - Extending functionality (modules)

Another good candidate, but may require some restructuring.

> > It's not obvious how to move the Style command (a subsection of
> > the commands page) to a different file without cluttering the
> > source with ifdefs.
> That's a small price to pay for trying to increase readability, IMO.

I'm reluctant to do this.  While the "BEGIN/END" comments can
potentially overlap, ifdef can not.  Let's do some simpler changes


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