I've committed two patches.

1) fac9eb945e442bebfb2612fed8edb68a9853a6ca

Removes minimum size, base size and size increment hints from the
pager.  This change has not been disputed by anybody.

2) ff3afd31466f604ee5a3711486d1b1da2ee2b090

Also removes the aspect ratio hint.  this patch could be reverted
separately from the other one.

I understand that not everybody is happy with that.  Reasons for
this decision:

 * Nobody who advocated the aspect ratio actually resizes pagers
   or knows anybody who does.  Thus, the usability gain remains

 * The aspect ratio has real, existing consequences on pagers
   started by Fvwmbuttons:
    (a) Swallowed pagers don't use up all available space,
    (b) animation of pagers used as panels is broken ("sliding").

 (* Resizing windows with aspect ratio has some usability problems.
    these may become less important when "elastic paging" is

 * There's a workaround for (a): Explicitly give the pager a
   geometry string in its configuration.
   Disadvantage: If the swallowed pager just uses the default pager
   config or the same config as standalone pagers, the
   configuration change is big.  You have to create a whole new
   module config block for the swallowed pager.

 * No workaround is available for (b), and nobody had an idea how
   to fix it and still have aspect ratio hints.  Giving the pager
   an explicit geometry deos not work for panels that are supposed
   to use the default size.

(a) and (b) are real bugs that break my config.


Dominik ^_^  ^_^


Dominik Vogt

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