Anno domini 2020 Wed, 26 Aug 19:37:03 +0100
 Thomas Adam scripsit:
> Hi,
> I'm curious about a piece of Fvwm history.  In the git log for fvwm2, the
> initial revision (which is when Jason committed the Fvwm code to CVS), notes
> the following for Fvwm 2.0.41:
>       Removed FvwmPrompt (use FvwmForm instead, since it's better anyways)
> This was sometime in 1998, although I'm presuming 2.0.41 was before then.
> Has anyone gpt any information about FvwmPrompt?  If it were a forerunner to
> FvwmForm I've not heard of it before.  I note from the old mailing list
> archives that it was a compiled module, but I can't find the code anywhere.
> Dust off the cobwebs, folks!
> I'm only asking as I have just committed a new binary to Fvwm3 called
> "FvwmPrompt", and hadn't realised it had existed already.  I thought I was
> being so clever with the choice of name as well... That'll teach me!  :)
> -- Thomas

Just checked:

SuSE 1995 has FVWM Version: 1.24r 
I have SuSE from 1998 and 2000 - but those two are still unopened originals :/


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