On Wed, Aug 26, 2020 at 03:03:10PM -0400, Dan Espen wrote:
> Wow, fvwm history that is before my time?  (I think.)

I managed to track down Drew Moseley (the original author of FvwmPrompt), and
he had this to say:

        Hi Thomas,

        Thanks for reaching out.  Yes, indeed that was me.

        That's great to hear that fvwm is still under active maintainership.
        What kind of systems is it used on?

        I don't recall the specifics but I had switched to fvwm for my use on
        the SunOS systems at the University of Florida and wanted to be able
        to confirm logouts and such.  The default at the time was twm if I
        recall correctly and it had that.  When the fvwm plugin architecture
        was available it ended up being a simple thing to implement so I did.
        I sent it over to the maintainer and he replied saying thanks and that
        was the last I heard of it.


I think he appreciated the trip down memory lane.  I'm mindful to expand the
existing fvwm history page we have with these tidbits of information -- it's
nicely unique.  The maintainer at the time Drew submitted FvwmPrompt would
have been Chuck Hines, I imagine.

I did reply back to him -- he wishes us all well, and is delighted that fvwm
is still continuing.

As it happens, the module interface Drew refers to hasn't changed much since
1995.  Sure, more fields of data have been added, but the way data is
exchanged between fvwm and modules remains largely the same.  Not bad going
for 25 years of code!

Anyhow, I think this now wraps that mystery up.


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