Am Mo den 26. Jul 2021 um 10:15 schrieb Mark Hills:
> Is there some kind of X event that fvwm can respond to when a new USB 
> input device is plugged in?
> Because I recently switched from using CorePointer/CoreKeyboard in the 
> xorg.conf, to the 'modern' hot plugging of X devices.

Well, there are some answers already. But...

For security reason I made the way around, Instead of using the standard
core pointer, I do configure explicitly the input devices I use.

I made this to prevent a malicious USB device plugged in that exploits
some flaws or could act as a key logger.

I would like to have a whitelist or to enable the devices manually.

The bad side of this setup are:
- I could not plug additional devices like a barcode reader or a wacom
- All devices must be present at X server start.

I found a way to redetect a device that was plugged out and in again
with xinput disabling and reenabling it (like a bluetooth mouse) but I
found no way to manually add new devices by intention. If it is not
working automated, it doesn't work at all.

But this is not specially related to fvwm than to X itself.

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