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> Hi Miroslav:
> Thanks for this.  Is there a package that can be installed without compiling 
> on Fedora 31?
> Bob Crochelt

Hi Bob,

Unfortunately, Fedora has pretty much rapid release cycle. 31 is pretty much 
old now.
I have made F34 and Suse RPMs in github release assets among deb and arch 
package on
my NsCDE testing virtual machines. Supporting Debian is easier, it works out of 
box on Ubuntu VM too, which I rarely boot. What I have heard, but not tested 
Fedora 35 even broke X11 utils and libs in a bunch of 1-file packages so the 
file for RPM that I have made and ifdef-ed to rpm-build on redhatoids and Suse 
in the
same time will probably break on F35 without new ifdefs in build and runtime

This below is a bad practice, but this one should not break anything: you can
probably install it with "rpm -ivh --nodeps --force NsCDE-2.0.fc34.x86_64.rpm 
NsCDE really does not have much binary parts: if the "fpclock", "colorpicker" 
(if using FVWM 2.X) "XOverrideFontCursor.so" are not binary compatible, you can
replace them by the old binaries from NsCDE 1.X series. They are unchanged. You
can find them all in /usr/lib64/NsCDE/Linux_x86_64/ after installation.

[1] If you are sure you are not missing some Python 3 packages and really needed
things which should be available even in very old distors.


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