> Hello everybody,
> I've noted that when I open with (ImageMagick) display command
> an image larger than the screen the window geometry doesn't take
> in care borders and title, then right and bottom window borders
> are hidden outside the limit of the screen.  Somebody knows a
> style option or another workaround for this?
> Thanks in advance
>       Walter

I have this with XV too, but I like this behavior, because this is
exactly what I want: Seeing an unscaled image (watching down-scaled
Screenshots is not nice; it is always perfect when FVWM shows the
plain screenshots and hides the window borders and titles outside
of the screen).

I have configured FVWM in a way that, when I hold down the
WIN key, click with the left mouse button into the XV image and
move the mouse, then the whole XV image starts moving according to
the moving of my mouse.

When I have a case in which I do not need this behavior, then I
open a Web Browser to view the image within that.

Oh yeah, for XV, I have another FVWM hotkey: WIN + RETURN.
When I hit WIN + RETURN, my XV window maximises like every other
window. If XV shows a picture larger than the screen, it shrinks
of course, to screen size.

Perhaps, you should configure your FVWM in a way that it
recognizes that ImageMagick starts and automatically maximizes
ImageMagick when it is larger than the screen.

Or you adapt my config together with my habit as described above.
Though I hit very often WIN + RETURN when I deal with windows, but
I have full control, and you will familiarize very fast with it :-)

- Michael -

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