Hi Michael,

On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 08:45:36PM +0100, michael.gros...@gmx.de wrote:
> > Hello everybody,
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> > I've noted that when I open with (ImageMagick) display command
> > an image larger than the screen the window geometry doesn't take
> > in care borders and title, then right and bottom window borders
> > are hidden outside the limit of the screen.  Somebody knows a
> > style option or another workaround for this?
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> > Thanks in advance
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> >     Walter
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> I have this with XV too, but I like this behavior, because this is
> exactly what I want: Seeing an unscaled image

By default the display command doesn't scale the image but
resizes the frame and open the little window with a thumbnail
where you click and scroll.  The problem is Imagemagick
considers the size of the physical screen without resting the
width of the window frame and title.

For example if you remove borders and title:

Style display   !Title, !Handles, !Borders

and open an image larger than the screen you can scroll the
whole image using the thumbnail mini-window.  With the borders
and title you can't (unless you scroll along the screen with the

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