So far (in the last 10 years or so !!) I've been using the following mental model when dealing with fvwm desktops and pages

 A page is a screen where I keep the terminals, editors, analysis tools
 I need for a particular sub-activity (say analysing the spectra of a
 particular source, or writing a particular program, or writing documents
 for a particular project

 Desktops were a family grouping of pages

So, so far I had normally (on my physical desktop computer) 2 fvwm desktops of 2x2 pages each.

One desktop was intended for "real work"
The other one for "connectivity" (and I had one page for e-mail, one page for web, one page for VNC or Xnest or VirtualBox, and a spare)

(on the laptop I used - seldom - for presentations I kept 3-5 desktops of 1 page each ... that was mainly because of the reduced space on the screen)

Now I decided to change the mental model.

I would like to have one desktop per project/activity (i.e. what I previously called pages).

If I do each desktop of 1 page that's easy.

However since I discovered the wonderful command to do mouse scrolling

    Mouse 1 A CM Scroll reverse

I would appreciate having each desktop "somehow bigger" than the physical screen. Sometimes I need rather wide terminal screens. Probably 2x2 is too big ...

I tried  DeskTopSize 1.5x1.5 ...
... apparently it is accepted but does not work as expected

I assume I cannot have "fractional" increases.

Would it be possible to use the FvwmPager to show only the first page of
each 2x2 or 1x2 desktop (and consider the rest as hidden reserved space which can be reached scrolling) ?

Otherwise what about having normally DeskTopSize 1x1 and at need increasing it on the fly to 2x1 or 2x2 (I tested the increase works)

Opinions ?

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