Walter Alejandro Iglesias <> writes:

> Hello Dan,
> First of all have a good year.
> See, Openbox has a configuration option that allows sloppy focus to
> ignore the pointer when it's still.  Then when you unmiximize a window
> it doesn't lose the focus if the pointer "passively" cross its
> boundaries.
> I couldn't get this in FVWM with any combination of FocusStyle (remember
> I'm talking about Sloppy Focus).  I could barely workaround the issue by
> adding WarpToWindow to my own maximize function, but it doesn't solve
> the problem for ewmh fullscreen (i.e. firefox, mplayer, etc.).
> Any idea of what can I do?
> Time ago you pointed me where to modify fvwm C code and I could
> customize some default option myself.  That's the kind of help I most
> value - though I understand that what I'm asking you this time can be
> too complex.


Question should go to
I've copied them.

Not sure of the answer myself.

Dan Espen

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