I'm new to fvwm, although I used X11 a lot in the previous millenium.

I'm connecting from my Win7 laptop to an Ubuntu box with "tightvnc", running 
tightvncserver on the ubuntu box and TightVNCViewer on the Win7 laptop.  I get 
to the ubuntu box through an intermediate jumpserver, and I have a local port 
forward so the Win7 laptop can use the vnc port.

In my "~/.vnc/xstartup" file, the last line runs "exec /usr/bin/fvwm".

When I run the client and connect to the port, I can get to the fvwm context 
menu and create an xterm, and from there create other windows.

The strange thing is that after I've been working with this for a few minutes, 
and then perhaps switch the focus to other windows on my Win7 box and then 
later return to the vnc client window, I find that all I see is a grey fvwm 
background.  I can create another xterm window, and if I do "ps -elf | grep 
xterm", I see the original xterm window, not to mention other windows that I've 
created.  Also, if I select "Restart fvwm" from the context menu, I briefly see 
all the other windows that I've created, and then they disappear.

I've gone through this sequence a few times now, and it's repeatable.

Why might those windows be disappearing?  Is this a fvwm problem, or a 
TightVNCViewer problem?

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