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> Subject: FVWM: fvwm through tightvnc: windows disappear or are
> "hidden"
> I'm new to fvwm, although I used X11 a lot in the previous
> millenium.
> I'm connecting from my Win7 laptop to an Ubuntu box with
> "tightvnc", running tightvncserver on the ubuntu box and
> TightVNCViewer on the Win7 laptop.  I get to the ubuntu box through
> an intermediate jumpserver, and I have a local port forward so the
> Win7 laptop can use the vnc port.
> In my "~/.vnc/xstartup" file, the last line runs "exec
> /usr/bin/fvwm".
> When I run the client and connect to the port, I can get to the
> fvwm context menu and create an xterm, and from there create other
> windows.
> The strange thing is that after I've been working with this for a
> few minutes, and then perhaps switch the focus to other windows on
> my Win7 box and then later return to the vnc client window, I find
> that all I see is a grey fvwm background.  I can create another
> xterm window, and if I do "ps -elf | grep xterm", I see the
> original xterm window, not to mention other windows that I've
> created.  Also, if I select "Restart fvwm" from the context menu, I
> briefly see all the other windows that I've created, and then they
> disappear.
> I've gone through this sequence a few times now, and it's
> repeatable.
> Why might those windows be disappearing?  Is this a fvwm problem,
> or a TightVNCViewer problem?

I suppose I've found a "workaround" for this, but I still have no idea what was 
happening here.

I noticed that there was a menu item to configure my .fvwmrc file.  I selected 
all of the optional modules and restart fvwm.  When it started back up, I found 
I had more options for seeing what windows were available, including a 
right-click menu that let me select particular windows, including the ones that 
weren't even visible as thumbnails in the virtual panner area (I don't know 
what fvwm calls that).  With that option, I was able to restore the missing 

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