I'm trying to configure fvwm (2.6.5) in such a way that I always have
a small clock in the upper right corner of my screen, with the clock
always visible on top of all other windows.  So in my .xinitrc
I have:

fvwm2 &
xclock -geometry -0+0 &

and in my .fvwm2rc file I have:

Style "*" TileManualPlacement
Style "xclock" StaysOnTop,!Title,!Borders,Sticky

This works fine, except that when I open a new window the
TileManualPlacement will never automatically place the
new window even partly under the xclock, which is what I
want.  I would like fvwm2 to completely ignore the xclock as far
as the placement of other windows is concerned.

So I tried this instead:

Style "xclock" Unmanaged

which works great, except when I use Thunderbird.  When I start
Thunderbird, it connects automatically to my IMAP server, which
requires a password, so Thunderbird opens a small window asking
me for my password.  For some reason when the small password
window appears, Thunderbird is raised in front of all other windows,
including the unmanaged xclock, which then hides the xclock...

So is there any way to make this work?  Either by making
TileManualPlacement not take xclock into account, or by not
having Thunderbird be raised in front of unmanaged windows?
Or some other way?

Thanks a lot.


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