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-- Thomas --
P wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to configure fvwm (2.6.5) in such a way that I always have
> a small clock in the upper right corner of my screen, with the clock
> always visible on top of all other windows.  So in my .xinitrc
> I have:
> fvwm2 &
> xclock -geometry -0+0 &
> and in my .fvwm2rc file I have:
> Style "*" TileManualPlacement
> Style "xclock" StaysOnTop,!Title,!Borders,Sticky
> This works fine, except that when I open a new window the
> TileManualPlacement will never automatically place the
> new window even partly under the xclock, which is what I
> want.  I would like fvwm2 to completely ignore the xclock as far
> as the placement of other windows is concerned.
> So I tried this instead:
> Style "xclock" Unmanaged
> which works great, except when I use Thunderbird.  When I start
> Thunderbird, it connects automatically to my IMAP server, which
> requires a password, so Thunderbird opens a small window asking
> me for my password.  For some reason when the small password
> window appears, Thunderbird is raised in front of all other windows,
> including the unmanaged xclock, which then hides the xclock...
> So is there any way to make this work?  Either by making
> TileManualPlacement not take xclock into account, or by not
> having Thunderbird be raised in front of unmanaged windows?
> Or some other way?
> Thanks a lot.
> P.

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