Good morning Thomas,

Am 2015-07-29 23:39:17 hackte Thomas Funk in die Tastatur:
> You've forgotten LC_MESSAGES in your path:
> ~/.fvwm/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/

Ahh, I was to long away from GNU/Linux and off-line...

However, it does not work for me...

Since the gettext tools can not read the fvwm configs by default, I  had
to copy the strings by hand and maybe there is  a  locale/UTF8  problem,
because "msgfmt" complaint about wrong UTF8 sequences and I corrected it
manualy, but only 5 strings with german umlauts...

Do you know (or have) a tool or script, which get the $[]  strings
automaticaly to create the "po" file?


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