> Michelle Konzac wrote:
> Hi again,
> Am 2015-07-29 23:39:17 hackte Thomas Funk in die Tastatur:
> > You've forgotten LC_MESSAGES in your path:
> > ~/.fvwm/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/tdfvwm.mo
> Now I have used my own BASH script to generate a tdfvwm.pot and used
> 1) the graphical tool "poedit"
> 2) the webinterface "pootle"
> but both generated tdfvwm.mo files are not working.
> If I call them simply "fvwm.mo" and use
>         LocalePath=$[FVWM_USERDIR]/locale
> it does not work either.  This is bizzar, becasue FVWM give no errors.

I've described the language translation under

This should normally work. Also if you don't know what content in the header is
needed in the pot and po file have a look into fvwm's sources under po/ or see

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