Hello everyone,

I just want to inform everyone that I will discontinue development
on Zend Entity and in return invest time to integrate Doctrine with
Zend Framework on a large scale. I changed my mind for several reasons

1. It drains up all my free time and I got quite a blockade from it.
2. I am the only major contributor, and compared to Doctrine 2 the feature set
   is probably only at 50-60%.
3. A realistic estimate for a first production ready release of Zend Entity
   would be 4-6 month, a time where ZF is probably starting to think heavily
   of PHP 5.3 adoption in regards with the 2.0 release. This is not a good
   time for another major component that starts of in 1.x

I've discussed the decision with Matthew, and while we both liked
the idea of having a native ORM in ZF, we also both feel that
helping improve an existing project and providing good integration
with it will likely be better for the entire ecosystem. If you are
interested, please contact us to help us start planning this

I hope this step isn't a disappointment to anyone, personally I had lots of
fun developing Zend Entity and learnt quite a bit that I can hopefully
contribute to Doctrine also. Also special thanks to all those that offered
help, feedback and contributions.

Benjamin Eberlei

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