On Feb 13, 11:33 pm, Kris Tilford <ktilfo...@cox.net> wrote:
> On Feb 13, 2011, at 9:10 PM, akhoff18 wrote:

> Download the file "bcm43xx_enabler_0.5.3.sh.zip" and double-click it  
> to unzip it. The unzipped file will be called  
> "bcm43xx_enabler_0.5.3.sh". Launch Terminal, type sudo with a space  
> after and drag the script "bcm43xx_enabler_0.5.3.sh" into the Terminal  
> window and make sure the cursor is  at the end, no extra spaces,  
> Terminal is VERY picky about extra spaces, and hit the Return key.
> It will initiate a dialog that will ask for your admin password, and  
> then ask if you want to create a backup of the original .plist (which  
> probably isn't neccesary), and then it will repair the ownership &  
> permissions and will be done. It will say you need to restart, but in  
> my experience this isn't true, the BCM plugin loads dynamically and is  
> available as soon as Network Preference  recognizes the Broadcom  
> device as "Airport".

followed the exact instructions. after double clicking on the
downloaded file the name of it is "bcm43xx_enabler.sh" rather than
having the version tagging along. don't know if that makes a
difference. still no luck here. : (

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