> re: " Broadcom 4318 modules which I have purchased on ePrey (sic) from
> a Hong Kong-based seller"
> Can you share link to a PCI card from China that is known to have
> Broadcom modules?
> I purchased one to test -- it worked great -- then bought 12 more for
> a lab and they all didn't work because they had different mini-PCI
> cards under the same labeled slot.  Ugh.  I know if I can find a
> reliable supplier with Broadcom mini-PCI modules I'd be set... these
> cards were like $8- each... very appealing for a lab.

I have searched ePrey (sic) for cards meeting the basic requirements.

You can, too. Look for Broadcom Mini-PCI 4318 cards which state that they
are intended for various Dell laptops but NOT for IBM laptops.

Here is the present listing for the lowest-cost one (item plus shipping to
the US) ...


... it is item number 27b0746969 if the above link doesn't work.

I have purchased at least a dozen such cards from several ePrey sellers
and all have worked.

Right now, there are a number of "lots" of cards being sold at quite
reasonable prices.

Just key on the description where is says it is Dell-compatible but NOT

I have found that those cards are immediately seen by MacOS X and do not
require "flashing" or even updating the 802.11 plist.

You will require a Mini-PCI to PCI adapter, too, and also an antenna.

You want a Mini-PCI to PCI adapter which has one antenna connector and,
consequently, one internal cable to the card.

The card I have cited, above, is US$4.40, including free shipping.

A "lot" of 10 cards can be had for under US$40.

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