Help! My wife's G4 Mini (A1103) is acting up and I am at the hair-
pulling stage (which I can't afford to loose). The HD has two
partitions: 10.5 and 10.4/9.2.2. Both partitions appear in the System
Profiler and the Startup Manager as well as Disk Utility but neither
in the System Preferences Startup Disk Panel. When it is switched on,
it boots the 10.5 partition and runs normally. If I try to switch to
the other partition with the startup manager, the spoked-wheel rotates
endlessly. I have tried all the usual measures (Disk Utility repair
and permissions, Disk Warrior, PRAM and NVRAM reset, 10.5.8 Combi
Update, etc.). I would reinstall the 10.5 System but when the mini
restarts to load the system, the OD grinds back and forth endlessly.
I've let it run for 3/4 hr. to no avail although Disk Warrior loaded
and ran normally from the OD. I haven't replaced the battery but it
checked OK a couple of weeks back when I upgraded the RAM.

Is there a preference panel that I need to to trash? Any other

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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