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Submitted By: jaryco (jaryco)
Assigned to: Mark Doliner (thekingant)
Summary: Unable to Retrieve Buddy List

Initial Comment:
I receive a message saying "Unable to Retrieve Buddy 
List","GAIM was temporarily unable to retieve your buddy 
list from the AIM servers. Your buddy list is not lost, and 
will probably become available in a few hours".

The problem with the message is that a new one 
appears every 2 seconds, and it does not stop. The 
repeated messages fill all my desktop.

I'm using GAIM v0.82.1 for Windows and the problem 
stop when I logued off from my ICQ account. But if I log 
on the messages start again, a new one every 2 

A screenshot of the message is attached.


>Comment By: Mark Doliner (thekingant)
Date: 2007-04-23 01:57

Logged In: YES 
Originator: NO

I believe this was fixed somewhere along the line.  If you still have the
problem with Pidgin 2.0.0 once it's released, please let us know.  Thanks


Comment By: Daniel Wagner (dmwit)
Date: 2006-03-22 16:50

Logged In: YES 

Has also happened to me with 1.4.0 on Linux.  This seems
like a pretty bad one, since it uses up all the available
system resources in creating new dialogs.  (I actually had
to manually restart my window manager...)


Comment By: bugmenot (bugmenot)
Date: 2004-09-24 12:24

Logged In: YES 

(I'm too lazy to sign up for sourceforge. BugMeNot General

I recieved the same error. I'm on XP so it was not really a
problem, it hit 100 windows before they stopped. What
triggered it was being booted from the server on my end, but
not on AIM's end. Previous versions would not present 100
windows, but just one.


Comment By: Moritz Str´┐Żbe (cmorty)
Date: 2004-09-10 13:29

Logged In: YES 

Eaven if the contact list is in cache gaim kind of hangs if
it can not rx the contact list. As a result uf this it does
not rx the onlinestatus of other users nor does it publish
it's own. 
Things to do in my eyes:
Try to rx the buddylist only like three times and give up.
Show error messege only giving up....


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