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Submitted By: neonknight (neonknight)
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Summary: Blinking tray icon on new messages

Initial Comment:
In earlier versions of GAIM the tray icon used to blink when new messages 
arrived. This behaviour has been modified, in 2beta6 it only changes the image 
displayed in the tray.
This is very bad for me, now I don't get a good visual signal. So, sometimes 
people start a conversation and I cannot see that - because there's no obvious 
change on my screen (I have disabled the message-window to pop up automatically 
on new messages).
Maybe some people prefer a still image to a blinking image. So, why not adding 
a switch where you can set whether you want a blinking or a still image as a 
tray icon?


>Comment By: neonknight (neonknight)
Date: 2007-02-07 18:52

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Thanks, I haven't seen this. This is quite what I wanted, although this is
more "aggressive" than the old way. Previously it only started to blink on
new conversations. But it is OK like that, so this request can be closed.


Comment By: DBDigital (dbdigital)
Date: 2007-02-07 18:40

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I have not used this feature so I am not sure, but if you right click on
the Gaim icon in the system try there is a option to "blink on new
message".  Have you tried that?


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