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Submitted By: Ashlar (atrystan)
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Summary: option to not use blist.xml

Initial Comment:
I use many different computers at different locations and find that if I make 
substantial changes to my buddy list and categories and later connect on 
another computer, I receive errors of the like: "Syncrhonization error: X is in 
group Y of your local buddy list but is not on the server. Would you like to 
add this buddy?" To this, I always say no since I have intended these changes. 
However, it seems to superimpose many of the old buddy settings over the new 
ones that are on the server. If I then try to make my original changes, I 
receive an error message since presumably the client is telling the server to 
put buddy X into group Y when X is already in Y.

My question is how I might cause GAIM to defer to the buddy lists on the server 
and ignore the cached copy or alternatively, delete the cached copy so that it 
has no choice but to pull from the server.

Thanks for your help!


Comment By: DBDigital (dbdigital)
Date: 2007-02-07 14:27

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I have ran into this problem as well when I changed a group name for
example (and using the same copy of Gaim on the same computer).  I either
got a Read error or a syncronization error.  This is not the best solution
but the only fix I found when a account suddenly no longer would connect
due to a buddy list mismatch was to delete the affected account in the
accounts section, then delete the affected group, then recreate the group
you just deleted and readd the account making sure to select the group you
just added as the group for the new recreated account to use and connect.

As I said it is not the best solution as some items are deleted in your
contact list you probably want to keep.  Buddynotes (using the buddynote
plugin) for example will be deleted with this method.  Also any sort of
cached icon etc will also be deleted and have to be redownloadd (though
this is not much of a problem).

While the suggestion of using a USB key might help, I have had issues when
it is the same computer and same copy of Gaim when renaming groups or
moving buddies around.  I also suggest using the guificiations list handler
plugin so you can backup your buddy list incase something goes really
wrong.  Though you don't want to restore it unless you have to as it will
ask for reauthorization from the buddies when you do.  But that is better
than trying to remember exact screenames/numbers and adding them by hand.


Comment By: Luke Schierer (lschiere)
Date: 2006-12-14 13:28

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you could always carry your ~/.gaim directory on a usb key. 


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