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Submitted By: Chadders (chaddersphi)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Mathematics Notation

Initial Comment:
This may seem like a unique request, but successful programs have been so 
because they have been able to provide alternatives and often better features 
than other similar programs. Take MSN and Gaim for example. MSN can't run in 
Linux without Wine, also MSN can only run the MSN protocol (also Yahoo protocol 
now). Gaim bettered this by allowing multi-protocols and being able to run in 
both Windows and Linux.

I propose a mathematical notation feature allowing people to view something 
like this:


like this:


My suggestion would be to use the OpenOffice.org Math calculator standards. For 

[MATH]f(x)={x^2+3x-5} over 7[/MATH] or
/math f(x)={x^2+3x-5} over 7 or simmilar.

This feature will be useful for people talking about maths in school, 
university and make the sharing of mathematics easy. Also the use of the 
OpenOffice.org Math standard will make it easy to copy equations into 
OpenOffice.org documents (and keeping with the open source community).

I'm working on getting my programming skills good but for the moment I will 
leave it in the capable hands of the Gaim staff.

Many thanks,
- Chadders.


Comment By: Lee Roach (phroggie)
Date: 2007-03-07 11:33

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There exist a couple of plugins which attempt to answer this need. Take a
look through the plugin tracker, and you may find one like the "Instant
Math (LaTeX)" plugin

Offhand, I don't know if any support OoO calc formatting, but an existing
plugin could probably be modified to parse it easily enough.


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