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Submitted By: Stanislav Valasek (valasek)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Usability: New users mass authorisation or deny

Initial Comment:
Once you started the Gaim and some users has requested your authorization, than 
are for every user's authorization used two subsequent dialogues:
- Dialogue 1: "The user XXX wants to add you YYY to his or her buddy" or "XXX 
has made YYY his or her buddy" with buttons: Authorize or Deny
- Dialogue 2 (If you choose Authorize): "Add buddy to your list" with buttons: 
Add or Cancel.

I added 200 users in one moment. It took me 20 minutes to handle this. Usual 
use case: In a company, IT staff will send update of company buddy list once a 
month. Everybody will import this buddy list. In a month you have 5-20 new 

Could those two dialogues be unified into one with a list of authorizations?

If during authorisation are done following steps (At least for MSN):
"Do you want to authorize?":
If "Deny" -> END
If "Authorize" -> Do you want to add?"
If "Cancel" -> END
If "Add" -> Confirm/Fill in: name, alias, group, etc
Is this flow correct?

Thank what if during start-up this authorization is done in one dialogue with a 
list of these users and actions in a rows ...

Lets say with a text "Following users wants to add you XXX to their buddy 
list." and with columns:
User    Deny    Authorize       Name    Alias   Group
<user>  Y/N     Y/N
and buttons OK, Cancel
Or one tab per protocol.

Is this technically possible?

After authorization flow corrections I can draw a prototype of dialogue in a 

Anyway, thanks for a good work on Gaim.


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