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Submitted By: Antonio Ramirez (an-to-nio)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: global hot key for popping up the buddy list

Initial Comment:
It would be nice to have a global hot key that brings
up the buddy list. (By global I mean that it is
available outside of gaim.) Under windows, I tried to
emulate this by setting up a Windows Explorer hotkey
that runs gaim. The problem is that gaim allows
multiple instances, so if I use the hotkey while gaim
is running, it starts a new gaim that fights with the
other one for the logged-in accounts. 

(So perhaps an alternative way to do this is to provide
an option to disallow multiple instances, and having
new runs of gaim with this option activated bring up
the buddy list in the existing instance instead.)


Comment By: Luke Schierer (lschiere)
Date: 2007-04-17 15:40

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As we are closing this tracker, please submit any feature request that is
still valid to http://developer.pidgin.im.  Thanks. 


Comment By: Ivan Wong (banandgia2)
Date: 2005-07-22 03:26

Logged In: YES 

Please take a look at this plugin:


Both Win32 and X11 backends are available.


Comment By: Antonio Ramirez (an-to-nio)
Date: 2005-05-05 16:56

Logged In: YES 

It looks like the latest gaim disallows multiple instances. 

The thing is that this _still_ does not solve the problem of
having a global hot key for the buddy list: a second run of
gaim pops up an intrusive dialog box that one has to click
away, saying that "a second instance of gaim already
running", so one cannot smoothly just have the buddy list
pop-up by running gaim a second time... 

So there is still no good solution to this. 


Comment By: Eric Blade (eblade)
Date: 2004-07-18 20:27

Logged In: YES 

aha, there was another one similar to this, that suggested same thing..

a command-line-switch might be the best way to implement that for 
people..  have 'gaim --existing' or some such pop the existing instance
the foreground, or launch a new instance if there's not one already 


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