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Submitted By: Common Man (commonman123)
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Summary: Synchronized Browsing

Initial Comment:
Would be nice that two users of gaim could have a 
syncrhonized browing, that is, one selects a url in her 
browser and the other sees the same page in his.

Think that this would be a "killer application" use for 



This could be done in the following way:

a) simple way, would have limited utility (problems 
with cookies, etc.)

a button for IE and/or Mozilla that could "funnel"
through GAIM from user a to user b the URL to view.
"Somehow" GAIM in user b would command user b 
browser to show the web page to user b.

(funnel = transport from a to b via GAIM tunnel)

advantage: fast from a->b (so user a has not to upload 
page to user b); user b could navigate.
disadvantage: only simple webs

b) intermediate complex

"funnel" from user a to user b, a snapshot (image) of 
what user a sees. (so user a uploads page image to b)

advantage: moderately fast to program ?  ; no web out 
of reach
disadvantage: no possibility of user b navigation

c) full complex

"funnel" "full" context/view from user a to b
I ignore if/how this could be done. Smartly done could 
even allow that user a had to upload all to user b (that 
locally downloads from web images, etc.)

In scenario C, this would open the door to "full 
application sharing"

(example a la marratech whiteboard application sharing


Well, I think it is nice but complex ...

Forward looking this wishfull thinking happens ...



Comment By: Luke Schierer (lschiere)
Date: 2007-04-20 11:00

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