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By: kngharv

very stupid question

how to disable certain plugins and/or protocols?

This is what I did, and the compiler seems to ignore my command:
 ./configure --prefix=$HOME --disable-screensaver --disable-dbus
--disable-libtool-lock --disable-sm --disable-gtkspell --disable-gevolution
--disable-gstreamer --disable-doxygen --disable-libgadu --disable-slic
--disable-slicclient --disable-meanwhile --disable-howl 
--disable-consoleui --disable-xmppconsole

I managed to disable dbus like that, but certain things, like slicclient, 
are still being compiled.

Just curious, I checked out the latest version of xmppconsole.c from svn.  it
still doesn't compile even though the svn log said the version after late 
fixed this compiling xmppconsole.c on gtk/2.0 issue.

What did I do wrong?

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