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By: bightchee

During a chat session with AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, ICQ, & LJ chat
(livejournal's jabber) connected I primarily use AIM.   Very frequently during
its use I will find that no one is replying to me on AIM. I have come to 
that GAIM seems to be pretending to have maintained its connection to AIM. 
When I message a bot like Smarterchild I get no reply just the same as I don't
get an away message when I message someone who is away.  The only way I can
receive and send messages again is if I log-off AIM and log back on and even
then it's very temporary.

I've seen similar complaints in these forums of this in MSN (and I believe AIM)
with no answers or possible explanations.

Ubuntu Edgy, GAIM 2beta6, the debugging window doesn't catch anything I 
as being important even if I knew the exact moment I lost the connection.

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