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By: cccmistiq

It's probably just my computer, but ever since Windows XP tricked me into 
a few updates without giving me a chance to check what was being installed (it
tacked it onto the shutdown button), all the text, menus, and icons disappear
after several minutes of use.  They're still there, because I can click on them
if I remember where they were, but I can't see what I clicked on, what I typed,
or what anyone else has typed to me unless I look up what happened in my log
files.  I don't know what's wrong or what I should be looking at to try to 
this.  I just upgraded from version 1.5.0 to the beta6 version a few minutes
ago, but that didn't fix the problem (I should have upgraded once MSN started
crashing it, but I was afraid I might lose my settings).  The text/menus/icons
from both my message windows as well as my buddy list disappear (although it
takes longer for everything to disappear from the buddy list screen), but they
haven't disappeared from a chat log screen yet.  If anyone can help me (or tell
me exactly what more information would be needed and how to find it), then I
would be extremely thankful.  It's annoying to have to look at my log files
in order to read messages that I've just received or typed (not to mention I
can't see what I'm typing until after I hit send).

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